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Sitting shiva stands out as one of traditional Judaism’s most powerful expression of mourning and sorrow. The bereaved person sits on a low chair and friends and relatives make a shiva call, paying their respects, offering condolences, and bringing a meal.
Years ago, most families lived within a few miles of each other. Now, families and friends may be separated by states or even countries. With these changes have also come massive innovations in the way people communicate.

Realizing that old methods of communications do not match current realities, E-Shiva has devised a website that allows people to quickly inform family and friends about funerals and sitting shiva. This allows those who are far away to pay a virtual shiva call to the mourner.

Additionally, E-Shiva has a dozen videos on various aspects of death, mourning and burial to guide those who are in need of help. Another compelling aspect of the website is Rabbi Hanan Balk, who in “Ask the Rabbi” feature of the site is available to answer your questions and give advice.

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If you wish, each year e-shiva will send you a free yahrzeit reminder. All you have to do is to go to the home page and register. Then click on the CREATE A SHIVA ENTRY button. Enter the deceased's name and date of death. Continue to step 3 where you request a reminder and list an email address.

Remember that when you receive your reminder that in the Hebrew calendar the day changes at night time.

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